Chinese New Year Carnival China 2013

Main Stage Theatre

February 16, 2013

Legend of China Production brings you directly from China a magnificent troupe - Chinese New Year Carnival China. The show features amazing Chinese acrobats and dancers performing in-front of a live 42-member Chinese orchestra, accompanying spectacular performances of balancing acts, beautiful dancing, magic shows and breath-taking dare devil feats… great entertainment for the entire family. This show is hosted by Canada China Cultural Development Association.  Check out their website at for more details.

About China Broadcasting Traditional Orchestra 

The 80-member China Broadcasting Traditional Orchestra (42 members will perform at the Chinese New Year Carnival China 2013) is a major Chinese orchestra based in Beijing, comprising a large group of traditional Chinese musical instruments. It is a consolidation of the Chinese Film Orchestra Chinese Music Orchestra, which was founded in 1949, and the original China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra, which was founded in 1953. It is considered one of the three best Chinese folk music orchestras in the world.

The orchestra's musicians utilize more than 30 types of traditional and modernized Chinese instruments as well as cello- and double bass-like instruments called laruan and dalaruan. Since 1957 it has performed overseas in the USSR, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, Albania, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Malta. The group’s concerts in Munich to Berlin Germany were extremely well received.




February 16, 2013 2:30 pm
February 16, 2013 8:00 pm