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How can I purchase tickets?
Is your building wheelchair accessible?
If I come to the theatre, can I enter to see where my seats are?
How many seats are in your theatres?
I use a walker; can I keep it with me while I watch the show?
Can I exchange my tickets or get a refund if I can’t make it?
What do I do if I lose my tickets?
Can someone else pick up my tickets at the Box Office?
Is my child permitted in the theatre?
Where is the Toronto Centre for the Arts located?
Can I get to the Toronto Centre for the Arts by public transit?
What restaurants are within walking distance to the theatre?
What is the closest hotel to the theatre?
Where can I park?
When will I be able to enter the lobby space?
Is there a dress code?
Am I permitted to bring food or drink into the Centre with me?
Can I purchase food at the theatre?
What happens if I am late for the start of the performance?
Can I take photos inside the theatres?
Am I allowed to eat inside the theatre?
Can I use American Dollars inside the theatre?
Do you accept credit cards?
What happens if I feel ill while at the theatre?
How long is the show?
What if I lose something at the theatre?
Can i buy tickets from a 3rd party retailer?