East-West Orchestra MIHB Inc presents...

One World, One Family Symphony Concert

Happening in the George Weston Recital Hall

The “One world, One Family” Symphony Concert celebrates Canada 150 and features over 300 hundred performers!

The first half of the show is composed of several solo music pieces, including a performance by Canadian composer and conductor, Xiangyu (David) Zhong.

The choral symphony “Torwards Future” with 8 movements will be presented in the second portion of the show. The musical work tells a story of the harsh life of the early Chinese railway workers when they built the railway roads across North America.  

The composer Xianyu (David) Zhang will conduct the “One World, One Family Symphony Concert, will join many well-known and accomplished artists and the full symphony orchestra players to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday, beautiful nature, history, victories, couirage and dreams. 


For more details, please visit: www.ewocincanada.ca


November 11, 20177:30 pm